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HELP! Desperately needed for older versions of Endpoint x64 Windows 10


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Help!  We're in desperate need of anyone that has a mirror for the 6.4.X version of ESET Endpoint Security v6 as the newest upgrade has DESTROYED all of our KVM guests to the point of no return.

We've lost several VM's and can reproduce 100% that after the newest V6.5.2094.0, the system is rendered totally unusable with NO method to restore... so we are starting to completely re-install but there is no "older version" download link for V6.  The prior V6.4.X versions work without issue.

To reproduce- create ANY KVM guest with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with VIRTIO disk device.   Install the ESET EndPoint AV V6.5.2094.0 download... system will no longer reboot or work after the install completes.  NO restoration options will work- not even system restore.  The system is now 100% bricked.

We simply need a link to an older install so as we can get systems bricked back and running by Monday morning...  if our option is to use no AV/Security for business users.. seems pretty moronic to stay with such a product.   We've already lost hundreds of hours over the years from failings with their "M-F Central European time" support hours for anything aside from "turn your computer on and back off again" style of support...  as in executives with NO working device from Friday at noon until Monday afternoon.  This is really terrible support... despite our willingness to pull in 4-5 IT workers over the weekend to perform system re-images and data restores over a simple upgrade....

Thanks to anyone that can help us find an older deployment!

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Do you mean that those VMs are completely frozen after upgrading to EPv6.5 and restarting them doesn't make any difference? The best would be if we could get a complete memory dump generated during a manually initiated crash (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff545499(v=vs.85).aspx).

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The behavior is the machine is hung.  Mouse pointer works, but nothing will launch or run.  You can restart the PC, but then you can never get to the desktop as it will never make it past the spinning loading icon .. which will spin indefinitely.

There is nothing unusual to KVM as the VM boots normally as far as it can tell, but once the spinning cycle starts, the CPU, Disk I/O and memory flatline to 0% as it's hung aside from the spinning logo.

None of the recovery tools will work- command prompt, system restore, startup troubleshooter... none of it works.

As there is no way to boot the system, there is no way to make the registry changes needed to create a crash dump and even if there were, there is no way to get to the system aside from a command prompt from DVD image to get to it.   Also, as this was done in another region, we're already re-imaging these VMs as they are needed on Monday.  We're checking other region IT managers to see if any of them happen to have an older setup kit for 6.4.XXXX as there appears to be no archive with ESET?


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