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Parental ctrl settings changing by themselves

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hi all. ive not seen anyone post this issue so lets see.....

The settings in parental control on my sons phone change, that is apps change from being restricted to unrestricted, daily allowance changes, time limits change.... by themselves. All this looks as though my son is accessing parental ctrl with the admin password but he isnt. I dont access the app from his phone as i note that once signed in, you dont need to sign in again, so i access it from my phone which has a seperate app protecting access to parental control. I change the password to parental ctrl, the app protection software and my phones settings 3 times a week. i never use the app anywhere near my son so he cant see me logging in either. I am currently having to check parental ctrl 3 times a day which is rediculous and a complete waste of time. My sons phone is ALWAYS online as everything he does is online.

what am i missing or doing wrong? 





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