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Idle State Scanning

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There are triggers that cause it to start or not.

When the computer is in idle state, a silent computer scan can be performed on all local drives. You can choose which Idle state detection triggers (for example the screen saver starts or the computer is locked) cause a scan to run.

From main screen hit f5 and find the settings to tell it when to run.


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Hello  chrlshmn


Oh ,while we're on the subject ,If you want to see what Eset has scanned while scanning under Idle state, then you shall activate or click , the box " activate logging" under Idle state scan in the advandced setup tree. Then will Eset creates a log for you to see, after scanning in this mode.

Have a nice day..... :-))

Regrads Janus

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I see the log files as always stating idle scan in progress.Is this normal?



It is quite normal and only means that the Idle scan has been interrupted, while it was scanning in one of the three ways, screen saver is running, the computer is locked, or  user logs off. So everything is okay.


Regards Janus :-))

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