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DESlock Client 4.8.16 has been released

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DESlock Client 4.8.16 has been released and is available to download.

DESlock Client 4.8.16

  • Fixed: Removable Media Encryption. Fixed a problem introduced in v4.8.15 which would cause Windows Explorer to hang when inserting Removable Media. This would also cause the machine to hang during shutdown.
  • Fixed: Full Disk Encryption. Fixed a problem which affected the previous versions installation process when over installing, or performing an installation repair, when Full Disk Encrypted. The installation would appear to hang and/or the machine could blue screen (BSOD). (Over installation of the same version is possible when using an updated Merged Installation package from an Enterprise server, or when switching installation language.)
  • Fixed: A problem with Managed Uninstall codes (Enterprise Client only).
  • Fixed: A problem upgrading from old client versions (v4.3.112 and v4.3.114) which would cause Windows to not boot after upgrading. This affected upgrades from those old versions to all releases between v4.8.3 and 4.8.15.

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