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Error opening message in scan log.

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I've had error opening messages in the scan log for quite awhile, but never every single object except one. I probably should have contacted ESET sooner. I only look at the scan log every week or so as the scan always says no threats found. Last week I got a really bad virus so as of right now it has a fresh install and bare bones programs installed. ESET, Malwarebytes, Chrome and NVidia graphics driver. When the first scan was done by ESET after the fresh install, the scan log showed 164890 objects scanned and all but one had error opening message, and no threats were found. I guess it wouldn't have found any if no objects were able to be scanned. I've had sites blocked by ESET because threats were on the site and sometimes it has scanned, found the threat and removed it, so that part is working.

I did contact ESET support directly but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this same problem and what you've tried  if you have.


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To start off, please post the scan log. It's normal that many files cannot be accessed and scanned even if you run a scan as administrator due to being exclusively used by the operating system.

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