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Error while restoring larg file from quarantine

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Hi .

In one of our systems we have many virtual CD image files that contain some unwanted applications. After scan and clean our image is deleted because of the files that they contain. now when we want to restore them from quarantine we recive error while restoring and can not restore the image files. what can we do for these problems ?


we have smart security and We have more than 70 Gb free space and our image file are abot 4.2 - 4.6 Gb.

Thank you.

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What's the exact error you're receiving?

Try to disable protection temporarily then try to restore the file(s) again: Right-click on the file(s) > Restore and exclude from scanning.

Hope this helps.

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unfortunately . That solution did not work. the exaxt error is :


" Restoring file from quarantine failed"


Even we test it with Restore , Restore to and restore and exclude . The error was the same even while AV is disabled.


The size of file is 4.6 GB and we have 4.0 Gb ram and over 70 Gb free space.


We see this error in file that are big size. is there any solution to restore them dirctly from storage that is quarantine ?

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We'd need to get the large *.nqf file and its *.ndf pair found somewhere in the c:\users folder. Please compress these 2 files, upload the archive to a safe location and pm me the download link.

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Do you by any chance have any other resident anti-malware or any security software? Disk encryption?

This might be a bug in ESS, and the file is already corrupted, but since I'm unable to reproduce the issue on any of my machines I can't think of much, anyway, try the following:

1. Disable any other resident security software (if any) > Restart the computer.

2. Scan the disk for errors.

3. Repeat the steps from above again.

If all fails, send the files to ESET as per Marcos instructions, they probably can decrypt them and send them back to you, unless they're severely corrupted (probably not the case).

Good luck.

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TGW 's idea of a chkdsk might repair the indexes and fix issue.

It may be that the nqf file or ndf has been deleted , yet the log still shows the event and the quarantined file "before dismantling of the infectious file". However the file is now gone.


Perform a search of your computer for the files specified by Marcos, and if found, proceed with his instructions.


Or if found that the files are in the wrong containers, replace and attempt restore again.

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