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I just want to clarify some things regarding Apache HTTP Proxy.

As what I've read in knowledge base and user guides, this thing can cache all of the updates and installer. So basically what will happen is that the server will connect to the internet and cache all of the updates and installer once we used software install, agent deploy and update the virus signature.

The problem that I am encountering is that there were no installers (.msi file) in the cache folder (C:\ProgramData\Apache HTTP Proxy\cache) after successfully installed ESET Endpoint Security/ERA Agent.

I tried to use this command htcacheclean.exe -a -p "C:\ProgramData\Apache HTTP Proxy\cache" or htcacheclean.exe -a -p "C:\ProgramData\Apache HTTP Proxy\cache" find ".msi" to check for the content of cache, there were no result regarding the installer, all I have are update files.

BTW, I used this kb for installation and troubleshooting.




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  • ESET Staff

What kind of installer have you used? In case of all-in-one installer, installer packages are downloaded by SERVER during package creation. This means you have to set HTTP Proxy in SERVER's settings (Admin section). Referenced article configures HTTP proxy only for managed client machines / security products.


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What do you mean by this 


 installer packages are downloaded by SERVER during package creation

I just follow this kb for deployment of ESET Endpoint Security process


and I'm using the batch file for deployment of Agent.

Regarding the settings in HTTP Proxy under the server settings, is this what you meant? (please see attached photo)





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