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Remote Management Fails (WMI) over VPN

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eset Product:  File Security 6.5.12007.0

OS:  Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter


We're seeing issues with WMI calls from our primary Data Center to external sites for remote management purposes.  The short of it:

 - WMI calls are successful on the local LAN of each site

 - When making WMI calls from Primary Data Center to external sites across DMVPN, the call fails stating that "RPC Server Unavailable"


I have traced the issue down to eset by performing the following:

 - Packet trace to assure packets are making it across VPN route

 - Disabling eset services completely allows the WMI calls to be made.


At the direction of eset support, we updated to the latest version of the software today in hopes of resolving the issue - but it did not. :(

Has anyone else seen this behavior before?  Am I missing a configuration somewhere to allow this?  I find this behavior quite odd for a File Security product; whereas I could see this happening on an endpoint product.  Any direction is appreciated

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