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Cant uninstall ESET Mobile security, getting an error, can't remove it from device administrators, and can't open the application, as it crashes.

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Guys I have a very weird problem. I can't uninstall ESET Mobile Security. It is the free version, on an ASUS Zenfone Max running Marshmallow. The device has a locked boot loader, stock recovery and is unrooted. Its my younger brothers device.


I can't open the Mobile Security application, because as soon as I open it, it stops working and gives me an error message. I can't remove it from the device administrators because when I try to untick the box there to remove it from the administrators, it gives the error that Settings has stopped working. 


It is also not showing up on the My Apps page in the Play store, so I can't update it from there.


I need side load one application from XDA on my brothers phone, and as soon as I press the .apk file downloaded from XDA-Develpoers, I get the message that Mobile Security has stopped working. So I can't side load the app.


I also can't format the device because my brother is preparing for a competitive exam, and has a lot of important data pertaining to his upcoming exam. We are also unable to take a backup.


Any help is very appreciated. Can you guys please help us remove Mobile security from his phone. 


I have tried booting into the stock recovery and formatting the cache partition, but that did not help, and the problem persists.


I will be happy to provide any additional details that you may require. 


It would really help if we could fix his phone, because he things I ruined his phone. 



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