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How to stop Computerscan?

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Hi community, 

This is my first question in this forum and I hope anybody can help.

After midnigt each day ESET Smart  Security Compterscan starts automatically. When it is running other applications run awfully slow. 

In order to achieve a normal speed I`d like to interrupt the Scan for e.g. 2 hours.  When trying so by clicking "Geplante Prüfungen anhalten" (stop scheduled Scans) a small window appears with 1 (!) minute interruption. Of course I tried to change the time, but  then another window says "the time must be between 1 minute and 1 minute".

Can anybody tell me how to stop the Scan for a certain period.?

Thanks in advance.




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Not sure what you mean as there's only a "Pause" button (or "||") which enables you to pause a scan until you resume it manually. I don't have any "Stop scheduled Scans" in v10. If possible, provide a screen shot to clarify what you mean.

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