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ERA 6.5 Routing and Gateways in Webadmin: losing Default Route after reboot

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After Installation of ESET ERA ( Server Version 6.5.417.0) on Vmware ESXi, everything was fine, Agent and ESET Product Push works.

I had to change the DNS Server and add Search domains afterwards ( in Webadmin "https://ip-of-era:10000"), and after reboot of the network ( or of the whole Virtual Mashine), I could not deploy the agent anymore. I noticed that for some reason, I am missing the Default Route in the Webadmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Routing and Gateways -> Active Configuration"

Without the Default Route with the Gateway IP, the VM has no Internet and cant find the Agent Repository. right after setting the Gateway, I have internet with the ESET ERA VM and can deploy Agent again.

I can Add the default route Manualy, but after a reboot, its missing again.


My Question: How do I configure the Default gateway FIX so it doesnt remove it self after reboot of the network or vm reboot?



2017-03-22 14_47_04-Remote Desktop Manager [vmw-veeam01].png

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  • ESET Staff

What was the initial network configuration? DHCP or static IP address was used?

My guess is that Webmin somehow modified network configuration so that it no longer works, i.e. ERA configuration was most probably overridden. In case only issue is gateway persistence, I would recommend to check hints for CentOS7 regarding this, for example topic https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=57758

I have also found references indicating that default gateway won't be properly assigned by DHCP in case gateway does not respond to ping, but that may have affected only older versions.

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Thank you for your answer.

The Initial Network was Static IP including gateway.
after a dns change ( and reboot) the gateway was gone...if you dont touch anything in the webadmin under networking, the problem wount happen) 

My Solutions was following:

Inside the Webadmin Console ( over port 10000)  I did several things

- Webadmin -> Networking ->Network Configuration -> Routing and gateways -> Boot time configuration
I dont know why I had to set this, and why this isnt set automaticly with the Initial Setup, but I put here my default Route on the interface Eth0 with the customer Gateway, and saved. ( Picture 1)

- Webadmin -> Networking ->Network Configuration -> Routing and gateways -> Network Interfaces -> Activated at Boot
also here, Activated at boot was not set with the IP from the initial Setup, it was only found under "active now"
I editet eth0 with the same Config from eth0 under "active now" and saved  ( Picture 2 )

-DNS was allready corretly set

- Now I Pressed " Apply configuration" under Webadmin -> Networking ->Network Configuration  ( Picture 3)
and from now on, the gateway was set corretly after an reboot 

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png

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