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Duplicate IP-addresses

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Gladly we have changed to ESET for our domain security since recently.
Everything works well but i keep getting allerts about duplicate IP-addresses.

The thing is, the alert comes from source > VPN tunnel adapter and changes it to the dhcp reserved ip-address after.
basically it's all on automatic mode with dhcp leases. so if i connect to the VPN i get an ip from the DHCP server. then i want to use RDP to connect to a client wich has a reserved ip-address and i get an ip conflict. it sais it changes the vpnconnection IP to the client IP.


What to do to stop these errors or even better, configure the network correctly.
Thanks in advance!

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Since this will need a deeper analysis, I'd recommend contacting your local customer care and providing them with:

- advanced personal firewall pcapng log
- the output from ESET Log Collector tool

To generate an advanced personal firewall pcapng log, open the advanced setup and temporarily enable it under Tools -> Diagnostics. When done, restart the computer, reproduce the duplicate IP address detection and then disable logging. Next collect logs using ESET Log Collector (will also include the pcapng log) and provide the output to Customer care for further analysis.

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