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How to report defects?

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Try as I might I cannot find a way to report defects with the ESET software (and web site)???

Defect with ESET:

When registering the product many of us will use the TAB key to move between the fields.  Since this is MUCH MORE efficient that is how I complete forms.  Except when you tab into the STATE field and then press the letter of the state (in my case I typed the letter "t" twice so Texas was selected) the application returns an error as if a state was not selected.  I had to use the silly mouse to pick ANOTHER state and then use the mouse to select Texas.

Defect with ESET/Web Site:

I tried to report this issue by clicking on the Submit support request in the application's interface.  I was taken to a web page with a 404 error so someone has done some cleaning without paying careful attention. Or something is broken and someone did not anticipate an outage so they did not both to replace the default 404 error as after looking for some time I found a link to open a support case and it too returns a 404 (https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/).


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1, Not sure what registration form you mean. After installation, you merely enter your license key. Only trial users fill in the registration form in which TAB can be used to move between fields.

2, This must be just a recent glitch with the website as nobody else has reported it and it worked just fine a while ago. Anyways, thanks for the heads-up. We have reported it to the web team responsible for the site.

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