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Need Info what change in the SQL DB (ERAS 6.5)

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can someone privide me the Information where i found now the table tbl_log_apps_installed_history

I used it for a better report of new installed software. With ERAS 6.5 you change nearly all in the DB :(

And yes i know i can do many things with the reports but you filters are not enough and i dont want to know with software gets updates, i only want to know what is realy new.

Also i want to exclude some logged on users and some special vendors (more than one) and some special aplications with wildcards (Driver etc.) also more than one. (there is still the problem that i can only use a filter one time)


I hope someone can help me



EDIT can be closed i found it so many different new tables for the same thing as before ... (tblf_apps_installed_status, tbld_apps_installed_status_vendor, tbld_apps_installed_status_name_version)


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