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Static Group Under Dynamic Group

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Is there any plan to next era 6.5 user can create static group under dynamic group. Is there any reason why static group can be under dynamic group?

Here the case,
We have user that have 5 site with different location. I think the easy way to manage policy for all site is create 5 dynamic group (base on ip range) then create static group with spesific policy eg. block device under site name.

So if they want to move client from site 1 to static group called block device (under dynamic group site-1) is just click on dynamic group site-1 then move to static group block device.

For now, it's look like this



and user want group look like this,



Or is there any best practise to case like this?


thank you,


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  • ESET Staff


Placing of dynamic groups under static groups is not possible, and also not planned for the future due to the concept. Dynamic groups are evaluated on client, and in the ERA are basically used as "filters" on the content (content is reported by agents).

Computer could be a member of only one static group a a time - it is basically like your "permanent residency".

Besides one static group, he could be a member of many dynamic groups, as each DG membership is basically defined by a set of criteria defined.

We will however trace your use-case as a potential improvement, that could be solved differently (not by the means of static / dynamic groups). But no solution could be guaranteed as of now.

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