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Cloned Machines - Automated Process to Reinstall Agent


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I know this has been discussed in other posts but I need to stress to ESET how much of a problem it is to not have an automated way to either reinstall the ERA Agent or reset the SID. I didn't find the problem with PC cloning until it was too late and we now have over 200 computers in the environment that our helpdesk has imaged and deployed which appear to have the same SID. I have half a mind to install a different product and ditch ESET over this. 

So all this  said, is there a truly automated procedure for fixing the Agent with duplicate SIDs on already deployed machines or do I literally have to touch every single machine to fix it?

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Have you cloned machines with installed ERA Agent? In ERA Web Console, 200 computers are displayed or only one computer? Please, provide a screenshot from Web Console. 

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