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Hi there

I'm wondering if someone could help. For the past few weeks, my work computer has been displaying a NOD32 Antivirus pop up whenever I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails. The pop up reads:

Encrypted network traffic

Untrusted certificate

An application on this computer (Thunderbird) is trying to communicate over a channel encrypted with an untrusted certificate.

It cannot be guaranteed that the contacted server is the one it appears to be. This could be an attempt to deceive you or intercept your communication.

Application: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe (PID 1388)

Company: Mozilla Corporation

Reputation: Discovered 1 month ago

Certificate: headofficehairstudios.com

Block this communication?



(Apologies, having difficulty uploading a screenshot of the pop up)

Could it be because our email is actually .co.uk, not .com like it says?

It's getting really annoying now, every email received, sent, it pops up every two seconds. It's also having trouble saving some of our sent emails.

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The owner of the website must replace the certificate with a valid one as the current one expired on Feb 22:



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1 hour ago, Meg said:

How do they do that?

They have to contact the certificate issuer, cPanel, since there appears to be a problem with the cert. renewal process:

When that signed certificate is less than 25 days from expiration, your server automatically orders a replacement free signed certificate. The server downloads and installs the certificate when it becomes available. Otherwise, if the signed certificate expires, the server installs a self-signed certificate, and then replaces that certificate with the free signed certificate when it is ready.


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