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NOD32 blocks software for syncing Outlook calendar with iPhone 6


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I have some issue with my antivirus. When enabled it blocks software I'm using to sync Outlook calendar with my iPhone calendar.
The software is called Akruto and here are the steps I went through to make it work (check the video): hxxp://www.akruto.com/sync-iphone-with-outlook/
I'm not a tech-savvy enough to find a workaround and the worst part is that there are no instructions on the vided either.

Would be really grateful if you'd help me to find a solution!

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Which of the following resolves the issue?

- temporarily disabling protection via the ESET tray icon right-click menu
- temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup -> Web and email
- temporarily disabling integration with MS Outlook in the advanced setup -> Web and email -> Email protection
- switching to Pre-release updates in the advanced setup -> Update -> Profiles -> Basic -> Update type

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