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Virus update issue

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Hi There,

ESET client which are not connected to internet are not updating virus database. We have activated client using ESET offline license. We have created the proxy as per the instruction on document. I have attached the screenshot in ZIp file for the reference.

Please note: We have only one ESET server and we want to update from this server.

Product: ERA version 6.4

               ESET endpoint security 6.4



ESET issue.zip

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, the mistake you have done is that you have configured the apache HTTP proxy as your update server. (UPDATE / BASIC / UPDATE SERVER / Manually written IP of the HTTP Proxy). What is important to understand, Proxy is not a local update server, it could only act as a "cache" for the clients that are updating form the ESET servers (proxy is configured ind a way, that only connection to ESET servers is allowed, for licensing / live grid / updating purposes). Then each of the updates is connected only ones.

If the clients will be allowed to communicate with ESET servers (value set to update servers "choose automatically"), then the proxy setting should work and the client should be able to update. Also please note, that this would work only in case, if the offline file includes the username / password to get the updates (by default it does, so this should not be a problem). 

If your environment is 100% offline, and even connections via proxy are not allowed. you will have to use the "offline mirror tool" instead. http://help.eset.com/era_install/64/en-US/index.html?mirror_tool_linux.htm 


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  • Administrators

As long as clients have access to ESET's servers through an http proxy, you don't have to use an offline license file for activation. They are intended to activate Endpoint running on computers with no Internet connection whatsoever, ie. when ESET's servers can't be reached via a proxy either. Otherwise you will get reports about license violation. In such case, send a product activation task from ERA instead.

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