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Threats HELP and firewall Who configures this?

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I am getting Threat reports for ICMP attacks and my computer is not scanning any of my files for some reason. It does not seem that I am protected and the instructions provided on the help pages for ESET are very unclear.  FOr example, how to submit to files that are system created when i download the tools and which ones do you use and when. the link to open a case does not allow file attachments.  I have no idea where I have sent all of the stuff I have sent and I don't even know exactly what any of it is.  I am getting warnings of threats and I would hope for some advice to help. thank you'


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If the ICMP attacks come from a trusted IP address / device, they are probably caused by a legitimate software. In such case, you can stop detecting these attacks from that particular IP address by creating an exception.

As for ESET not scanning files, it is not clear how you've learned that. If you download the eicar test file with web protection temporarily disabled, is it detected by real-time protection? Is the number of files scanned by real-time protection rising in the Statistics window?

Also it's not clear what files you want to submit and why. Please clarify.

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