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ERA On-Demand Scan - Suppress Threats Found Message

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Is it possible to suppress the message and execute the Clean/Delete action?  We get a few user complaints when they see the popup.  I would like it to perform an action automatically with no interaction.ERA_Notification.jpg.db282b7c746dac3dc7677e045e91849c.jpg

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You can switch to strict cleaning mode. It's a per-module setting so you may want to change it for real-time, web/email protection, etc. separately. As for the on-demand scanner, the cleaning mode can be set for each of the on-demand scan profiles.

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  • ESET Staff

Run scan with cleaning executes the scan with parameters which are defined in "in-depth scan" profile. However, by default, the scanning level is set to "normal cleaning" even for in-depth scan.

So what you should do, is to:

  1. go to ERA / Admin / Policies
  2. either edit you current, or create a new policy for ESET Endpoint Security, where you will navigate to Antivirus / on-demand computer scan
  3. In the "basic" section you select profile "in depth scan"
  4. In the threatsense parameters you set cleaning level to "strict cleaning"

Screenshots attached.

choose profile.png

profile setting.png

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