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Changing RA connection password

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I would like to change the passwords associated with remote clients settings protection and connecting to the RA server.

My concern is that if I change the RA connection password, my clients will no longer connect. They are not local and this would provide a headache.


What is the recommended way to do this? My only thought was to push out a config file with the new password - that would make their connection to RA server temporarily fail - and then update the password on the server side, and the clients would reconnect by themselves. Is there a better/recommended way to do this?

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Hi mdeblieck,


I think you might find the steps in this article helpful. The way the password change works is that you define a new pw and then enable clients to log in unauthenticated so that they can receive the new password. Once the clients have the updated password, unauthenticated login is disabled.


Let me know if this helps.

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There's a setting called "Interval to accept previous password for Clients (ESET Security Products) (days)" in the advaced ERAS setup -> Security which is set to 14 by default. However, the previous password will be accepted only until the next server restart or the next ERAS service restart.

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