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Windows 8.1 Malware problem! Annoying PUP

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How Can i fix pop up coming up every 10-15 minutes asking "How do you want to open this type of link (http)?" Then if i select google chrome it redirects me to random ad website. I tried Eset endpoint, Trojan, Kasperski and Malwarebytes antiviruses but they can't detect any malware.

Please help me this is the most annoying thing i have ever seen.

EDIT: I also tried setting default applications and attaching file type to google chrome but it didn't work. I asked about this problem on microsoft forum too, but sadly they couldn't give me helpful answer...


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Appears to be a file association problem. Here's an article on fix for Win 10; assume also applicable to Win 8: https://www.infopackets.com/news/9863/how-fix-windows-10-keeps-asking-how-do-you-want-open-file

Also surf the web - number of articles on the issue.

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Does the question pop up even if you don't have any browser running? Perhaps you could gather logs using ESET Log Collector. See my signature for instructions and drop me a pm with the output archive.

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