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EIS 10 & ESS 9: Log entry: too many archives embedded

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After an on-demand scan I had the following entry for all mails of my zipped mail backups, which all have an archive level of only one (not archive in archive):

"Zu viele Archive verschachtelt" / "too many archives embedded"

I had also tried the maximum settings for the limits, without any difference.

I can't remember this for ESS 9.0.408




EDIT: It seems to be, that the logged reason is wrong and the right reason is, that only the archive size is too big. The archive has an size of 2.2 GB and the maximum size limit with Eset is 2 GB.



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I don't understand why Eset try to scan archive files which are bigger than Esets archive size limit. The scanner should ignore such archives. I think this must be an bug.

Edit: I have tested it with ESS 9.0.408 now and its the same. So this is not new with EIS 10.0.390.


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