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Version of ESET Cyber Security Pro is available

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I wanted to let ESET Security Forum users know about this new version released by ESET, as it provides a great amount of fixes and a few new features that might interest other macOS users.

In particular, you can now:

  • Allow all software that is signed by Apple to access the network automatically in the Firewall; and
  • Hide the menu bar icon, so you can set your preference between using the Dock icon, menu bar icon, or no icons at all.

They have also fixed the 'no executable path found' and 'cannot write to socket' errors.
Thank you to the developers for fixing a large number of major and minor issues. :D



  • Added: Keep alive feature to ensure the ESET service does not stop
  • Added: GUI notification when the ESET service is not running
  • Added: Ability to hide the ESET icon in menu bar extras
  • Added: OpenSSL replaced by Apple's native security framework
  • Added: Apple's signed application has allowed access to network
  • Added: DMG is now signed for macOS 10.12+
  • Fixed: A vulnerability issue with the esets_proxy file
  • Fixed: SSL certificate vulnerability issues
  • Fixed: A vulnerability with the old POCO XML parsing library
  • Fixed: Installer vulnerability
  • Fixed: pam.d issue
  • Fixed: An issue that would cause “Zero Files Scanned on Hard Drive” errors during a computer scan
  • Fixed: An issue where Web access protection would block virtual machines
  • Fixed: Web protection - esets_proxy crash on nod_lmutex_destroy
  • Fixed: mac OS crashes when opening http://localhost:57856/
  • Fixed: esets_proxy crash (LoopSocket()) if internet connection is disabled during threats downloading
  • Fixed: The error 'no executable path found' causing apps to not load or block connections
  • Fixed: The error ‘cannot write to socket errors’
  • Fixed: A firewall issue that blocked users from opening WordPress web pages
  • Fixed: An issue where FaceTime is blocked by firewall (default configuration)
  • Fixed: Shut down computer after scan - executed after 1 second
  • Fixed: Incorrect module name in about dialog
  • Fixed: Additional minor bug fixes and stability improvements



You can download Version of ESET Cyber Security Pro on the ESET website.


Apologies to the ESET team if this is against the rules, I know @foneil usually does this, however this update is quite important for resolving a large number of issues that would benefit being announced on the forum (and you have already listed the changelog and version on the ESET website and KB article).

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6 hours ago, m4v3r1ck said:

Running fine at your side?

It was running very well, once of the best version 6 builds so far, tested with the latest version of macOS and minimal third-party apps, however.

Noticed a few minor bugs with the interactive firewall and profiles, but nothing that affects anything too much (as the "error 'no executable path found' causing apps to not load or block connections'" bug has been resolved).

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One of the best releases so far since I've been using this software for more than 6 months. Usually after a large uptime, I got slower HTTP reactions. or connection problems, and then the whole proxy just dies. So far so good, I haven't seen this back after the latest patch.

Thank You!

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