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Gui starts at every Login

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I upgraded Smart security 9.xxx to Internet security 10.0.390.0 on two Computers.

OS:   Windows 10 Pro en, 1607- 14393.693, both machines run the exactly the same version.

First upgrade was done on the HP Notebook. Everything is OK and I don't have complaints.

Second Upgrade was run on my PC. All is working OK, except that the Eset Gui opens at every User-Login.

Autoruns are checked in different ways, nothing found. (Sysinternals Autoruns, Taskmanager, registry searched)

Anybody has an idea how to prevent this Autostart?


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Hi, apologies for interrupting on your topic.

I have\had  the same problem.

'' Everytime i start or restart the pc the Eset internet security 10 screen opens. Not the splash screen, splash screen is disable. ''

I had it on interactive mode but now i uninstall\reinstall and let it on automatic mode, so far so good.


My topic including also other problems.


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