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ESS 8 - latest updates cause network connections list dissappear

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Hi, I use ESS 8 v 8.0.319.1 and latest updates break the network connections list in the Tools. Network Connections List under Tools is blank/empty, while there are active connections running - it doesn't show anything. Tried to repair installation but nothing changed.

Probably it's caused by new network protection module (1364 - 20170207 is fine; 1365 is bad), but it's only my suspicion. Viruses signature base v14925 is fine, newer causes this bug. Please fix it!

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Please install ESS v10 or EIS v10 (without Anti-Theft). The new version has many bugs from v8 fixed so it's likely it will also solve this issue too.

According to http://support.eset.com/kb3678, we provide limited support for v8 which means in particular:

  • Availability of regular virus signature database updates and module updates
  • Severe problems, such as when the product or its main functionality is not working or is causing an instability of the system or contains a major vulnerability, addressed with patches and Service Releases
  • Customer Care is available but not all bugs will be fixed
  • No support of new versions of operating systems
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also have the same problem


is there a way to fix this ?


or is there a way to install all updates exept network module?


i dont want to instal eset10 its bad and very annoying in terms of ui to use

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