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eset application update !! ??

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If it's saying a restart it looks like it's finished downloading and needs a reboot to properly instal the new version

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Have to admit the app update screen is a bit confusing. I just updated to ver. 10 .390.

Mine showed update progress of 139/149 with a quick flashed screen that a reboot was required to apply the update. After that screen disappeared, only indication that a reboot was necessary was the Home yellow icon showing a 1. Clicking on that showed a reboot was necessary with an option to do so.

Would think a display popup screen remaining on the update screen with a reboot button option would be more appropriate.


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Mine was stuck at "downloading 49kb / 0kb" for a long time so I pressed cancel, but it asked me to restart anyway.

Says I'm on .390 but how can I be sure it isn't bodged or corrupt?

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Just happened on two other machines.

Can I trust it or not? The indication gives me the feeling it's stuck/corrupt like a Windows update.

They also got 'stuck' at different numbers.


What gives?


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Hello guys,

thank you for reporting this.

It happened to some of as as well, the GUI was somehow frozen, but the upgrade was prepared and applied correctly after the system reboot.

Regards, P.R.

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