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New User Poweliks Gen 4 Infection

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Hi all, I am new to Forum. I am not computer savvy but I have an Infection that states from my F- Secure Poweliks Gen 4 Trojan. Apparently I was told its caught in the startup loop and I am getting a thousand messages a day from F-Secure that it has been removed but I have to minimize the F-Secure because it just keeps generating this message.

A colleague said this..... It´s in the start up folder ; which makes it a loop

C:\Users\pbl\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\49a6.

So I went to this location and sure enough there is a file there named that which appears and dissapears every minute. Is there any way to remove this threat and stop the F-Secure Pop Up?

Thanks all for any help and advice.

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You've said that you get pop-ups from F-Secure. Does that mean that you don't have ESET installed? It's important to have only one AV running at a time.

If the threat is not detected by ESET, please provide me with logs from ESET Log Collector as per the instructions in my signature.

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