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Rip N Replace - Kaspersky_DirRem Application

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I've been running a lot of Rip N Replace packages in our environment lately; mostly servers. These servers had Kaspersky v10 installed previous to ESET File Security. I noticed that while running the Rip N Replace package, an application shows up titled "Kaspersky_DirRem" (this appears at the root of C:\ which is where I drop the Rip N Replace package). However, after logging off of the server and logging in a few days later (servers were not rebooted during this time), the application Kaspersky_DirRem is gone. Just curious if anyone could shed some light on why this application is created during Rip N Replace, what it's specific purpose is other than the obvious, whether or not I should be doing something with it, and is it normal for it to get disappeared after some time? Thanks in advance for any info you can share. 

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