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Scanning Hard Disk Drives

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Lately, I noticed that whenever I plug in a laptop hard disk with my hard disk reader to my PC, and when I right-click the new drive and scan with ESET, it would scan L:\Documents and Settings\... The point is, the directory that it would scan is my PC's user instead of the hard disk that I told ESET to scan. Moreover, Documents and Settings does not exist anywhere in my PC (isn't that a Windows XP directory?). It would scan about 100,000 files (in my PC) before actually scanning the hard disk that I right-clicked. I know they are the files in my PC because it says user/desktop/etc. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, what did you do to fix it?

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The "Documents and settings" is a junction point as of Windows Vista and is not visible by default. That said, accessing this folder will cause a relocation to c:\users folder.

A solution would be to have an option for not following symbolic links and junction points in the on-demand scanner setup. It's possible that in the future we'll add such setting.

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