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Eset Internet Security 10 Dialog Issue

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Hi, I use Eset for a long time and EIS works perfectly, but today the dialogs are displayed incorrectly. For example, the HIPS messages aren't displayed (see images). -- See edit1!

Uninstalling EIS don't resolves the issue. I have tried:
  1.) Uninstall EIS
  2.) Uninstall with Eset removal tool (EsetUninstaller)

I'm using Eset Internet Security v10.0.390.0 (GER) on Windows 10 (14393.576). Need help to fix this issue.

Btw. If you kill "egui.exe" (not the service) and restart the UI all rules are allowed :/

I installed EIS on my VirtualBox (Win10) and the same issue occured, but I can't run apps and the taskbar icons disappear. Totally broken...

ESET Bug.png

ESET VBox 2.png

ESET VBox.png



Finally I "solve" the issue. I installed the english version of EIS and everything works perfectly. It seems like it's only a UI bug. Please forward this to the appropriate staff.


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I've tried to reproduce it with German version of EIS to no avail. Everything worked like a charm. You can drop me a pm with logs gathered with ESET Log Collector as per the instructions in my signature.

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Hi. As Felix-hk9 use Eset and also I faced with this problem. I used the Russian version of the program's ESS9. Operating system Windows 7 64bit prof.  I tried to reinstall  (EsetUninstaller of course) ESS and tested different versions: 8x, 9x, and 10. 

The problem occurs in any version, even in 8x, with the difference that there HIPS interactive window does not appear at all. If you reinstall the ESS using the online installer, the problem arises immediately, but when using offline installer, error does not arises. Exactly to the moment when ESS update signature databases and program modules. After this error occurs again. Problems with the English version also does not arises.



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  The same issue in the Chinese version.(ESS 10.0.386.2 and 10.0.390.0 on Windows 10 14393.693)


And the broken dialog boxes(HIPS) seems to be similar to the normal dialog box which popped up most recently.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello guys,

thank you for letting us know.

We identified the source of the issue and fixed it in HIPS support module 1265.

It should we available on pre-release update channel in a few hours from now.

Once you got the updated module can you please confirm the fix?

Regards, P.R.

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