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I am getting a constantly repeating Expiry Warning


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It's binging constantly, closing it doesn't help it just keeps popping up at a rate of 1 notification per second on an endless loop. I can't force the program to end task nothing happens. I am uninstalling this program and I will likely never recommend it to anyone based on this.

This behavior alone is disinclining me to renew your product, or recommend it to anyone.

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This is very odd. You should be getting a notice when it expires, but certainly not one per second.

Can you please check to make sure the time and date are set correctly on your computer?


Aryeh Goretsky

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Could you please post a screen shot of the pop-up notification that you are getting? What version did you have installed? Could you try installing the latest v10 and tell us if the issue persists?

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I just have connected to one of our customers with same problem.


1) This is not ESET message, it is Microsoft Windows 10 Security and Maintenance message, and is (by Windows) generated in endless loop.


2) Message was generated by Security and Maintenance of Windows 10 after his license expired.

3) Disabling messages about virus protection helped.


In any case I wouldn't recommend it as permanent solution - instead just as first aid until license is renewed or customer installs some other antivirus solution, and then return these settings to default.

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