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Win64/WebBar.B found in dma_x64.dll Logitech options LogiShrd LogiOptions potential unwanted application


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Hi All

From this morning i'm experiencing a detection of a potential unwanted application. I would like to know if this is a false positive or not?

The programm has been installed for a few months and never triggered a detection.

I did uninstall the software completely, scanned with EAV 6 and malwarebytes, system is clean. Then i downloaded the logitech options sw again ( latest v from the logitech site, see below link) and before the install finishes, EAV again detects the Win64/WebBar.B in the install.


  • Software version: 6.40.169
  • Date: Jan 23, 2017

Found Win64/WebBar.B  in C:\ProgramData\LogiShrd\LogiOptions\Software\Current\dma_x64.dll


Does anybody else experience this issue?? Any help would be appreciated!

Kind regards,



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The detection seems to be ok. There are two dlls - dma.dll and dma_x64.dll embedded in the package. They belong to DiskMetrics Analytics SDK. A description says: "DeskMetrics provides the data you need to identify the most engaged segments, so you can target high value users and maximize revenue." That said, if the data is collected without your knowledge and consent, the behavior is PUA-like.

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