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Windows 10 not updating after ESET installation


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Hi there,

I have Windows 10 Home Edition on my computer, and installed ESET Nod32 Antivirus version 10.0.369.0. Ever since I installed the antivirus, my Windows update feature has stopped working. It does not install any updates automatically, nor am I able to manually check for updates- it keeps on saying your system is up-to-date even though it is not.
If possible, I'd like ESET to stop taking care of my Windows update while have my Windows 10 does its own automatic updates like before. Currently, I've chosen the option, "Recommended Updates", for "Notify about Microsoft Windows system updates" section of ESET settings.
Moreover, I did the following in an attempt to fix the problem but it didn't work, i.e. Windows Update is not finding the available updates and keeps saying that my system is up-to-date:
Run: services.msc
Changed Startup Type from the properties of the following services from "Manual" to "Automatic"- they were all previously defaulted to Manual:
windows update
cyptographic services
backgroud intelligence transfer service
Windows Installer service is NOT started, and its Startup Type property is defaulted to Manual but it is disabled and I am not able to change it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated ;))
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ESET does not affect Windows updates. Does temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup make a difference?

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12 hours ago, cherti said:

it keeps on saying your system is up-to-date even though it is not.

The fact that this is occurring indicates that Win 10 updating is functioning properly. Otherwise, you would receive a message stating a connection could not be established or something similar.

Win 10 updates are delivered on a monthly basis with an occasional out of band one occurring if the update is of a critical nature.

Eset Smart Security and I also assume NOD32 has a setting that will alert you to when Win Updates are available that apply to your PC - see the below screen shot. You can indicate in this setting what level of updates you wish to receive. For example, mine is set to only notify when critical updates are available. This status is indicated on the Eset GUI icon located on the desktop lower toolbar.



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Your windows update issue wont be caused by your ESET installation. You are probably hindered by a bug with windows update itself and its very widespread. I have had to manually download the anniversary update myself a while back.

There are some tips here as to how to try and resolve this windows 10 problem.


How to fix Windows Update: Run Windows Update troubleshooter

Would be a good place to start



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