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roll back to eset 5 - proxy problem


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We decide to roll back from eset 6 and era 6 server to eset 5 and era 5 and we uninstall :

ESET Remote Administrator Agent



after that we restart every workstation and install "ESET 5  ENDPOINT ANTIVIRUS" 

We have xml fail  what we insert for settings and at that moment everething was good, like on picture Afterxml.png 

Worsktation are conected to new era 5 server and connection is good. (not using proxy) 

After same time (ususal 1 hour) many (araund 15 from 60) workstation lose conection to era 5 server and we found that same settings in ESET 5  ENDPOINT ANTIVIRUS are changed. for the start it add proxy to be old era 6 server. 

Lika on picture Chancgeproxy.png

Whan I chack every workstation what have problem is conected to era 6 in lost&found. 


I chack instaltion and settings but can't find what makeing this problem and why that workstation are still looking for connection to old era 6 server. Any help will be welcome. 



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Check if the ERA settings are correct and the address does not point to localhost. That would happen if agent is still installed and redirects Endpoint ERA communication to itself.

Anyways, what led you to downgrading to Endpoint v5 which provides worse protection than Endpoint v6 and will be become unsupported at some point in the future?

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ERA settings are correct (over 40 workstation not have any problem with same settings - same xml fail). Frist picture in frist post is after I insert xml settings and than after same time it change proxy settings. 

I remove eset agent and eset 6 antivrus and not have clue where else to look. 

I can't find what making problem. I even delete all that pc from era 6 but thay show again in hour or so.


I not like how eset sort many things on eset 6.

In time whan stop support eset 5 I will think on next move :)



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22 hours ago, davord said:

I even delete all that pc from era 6 but thay show again in hour or so.

That means Agent was not uninstalled. Please provide me with ELC logs (see my signature for a link to instructions).

Endpoint v6 and ERA v6 are mature products. Within a month we're going to release a new version of ERA and Endpoint 6.5 which will introduce a lot of new enhancements and fixes. The document describing new features has 51 pages so there's really a lot new things to look forward to.

If you are having any issues with ERA v6.4 that prevents you from using it or if you feel that it lacks some important features that you require, we encourage you to let us know. We listen to our customers and tailor ERA to your needs if we find out that requested features or improvements make sense and a real use case scenario exists.

Staying with v5 is like staying with an old car that isn't as secure as new cars just because being afraid of the electronics and new features that were added to make the car more secure and comfortable to the driver and passengers.

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Marcos is correct.

I will add another piece to puzze :)

When RemoteAdministrator V6 Agent is installed on computer with V5 product it will automatically and peridically reconfigure product to connect to localhost (ie to Agent) and attemt to reconfigure product to last known policy from V6 server.

V5- and V6+ are inherently incompatible.


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