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Chromium V54 slowdown


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As a developer, I use a product called EssentialObjects WebBrowser control (https://www.essentialobjects.com).  They just updated their chromium engine from V49 to V54 and now NOD32 is causing an issue with their web browser control.  It takes a VERY long time to load a web page within their control, up to 30-45 seconds.  This was not an issue in Chromium V49.  I uninstalled NOD32 and the web browser control works correctly.  Is there anything on your end that you could look at for this?  I can supply a sample program or you can download it from their web site (if you have Visual Studio).  This is going to be a big issue for our end users of our product if they can't load web pages when running your anti-virus.  I don't want to have to recommend they remove it and go to a different product even though they may have already paid for yours.  Here is my discussion with the developers of the web browser control: https://www.essentialobjects.com/forum/postsm42632_EOWebBrowser-control-shows-nothing.aspx#42632

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If temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup makes a difference, continue as follows:

1, In the advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics, enable advanced protocol filtering logging.
2, If the issue can be reproduced with Chrome, open the Developer tools panel (Ctrl+Shift+J) and select Network.
3, Reproduce the issue.
4, Right-click in the Network panel and select "Save as HAR with content" and save the file.
5, Stop advanced protocol filtering logging.

When done, compress the previously saved file and attach it to a pm for me. Also include the output from ESET Log Collector (for instructions, refer to the KB in my signature). If too large to attach, upload the file(s) to a safe location (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) and pm me download links.

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