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Just today I started occasionally receiving a red popup from Eset Smart Security that states "Address has been blocked." However, the address it's blocking is "https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbevents.js" and gives the me the IP6 address which does appear to belong to Facebook. Eset has never done this before for any website. I'm not sure if I should post the link or not but the page I started generating this popup is one on tomshardware.com, which is a legitimate and popular site.

When I searched Google for a clue about this, I found this Eset forum page:https://forum.eset.com/topic/3454-address-has-been-blocked-url-address-hxxp95215157query/

When I go to that page I get a similar red popup, but this time the address that's blocked is "https://ssl.google-analytics.com/_utm.gif?(then a whole bunch more stuff I won't post)". That appears to be the only Eset forum page that generates the popup that I could find.

I did visit the same pages that are generating these popups on another computer running the same version of Smart Security and got the same identical popups, so it doesn't appear to be something specific with one particular computer in my house. I get these identical messages in Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge as well. Obviously facebook.net and google-analytics.com are both legit sites, but I'm wondering why I'm suddenly getting these popup messages when I never did before. Is this something that started in a recent update? My Smart Security version is 9.0.408.0.

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