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Using Machine SID for Web Control


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We currently have Web Control enabled and it works flawlessly. Currently we're applying the Web Control Rules to User SIDs. The User Management list we currently have populated for this does not contain machine accounts. We're using LDAP Queries to populate this current user list.

Here's my problem: We have one unique case where a user needs to use a local administrator account on his machine, so turning on Web Control for this user won't work.

My question is: Is it possible to use machine SIDs for Web Control, and if so, what do I need to change/add in the User Group Sync task in order to get machine SIDs to show up? 

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I'm afraid this would not be possible without ERA being able to request a list of local users and agent that would support it. It's similar to populating the list of connected devices on remote computers.

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