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Hi guys,

I have group "Windows computers" which contains all PCs and servers. I need to move all servers to group "Windows servers". I created dynamic group with name "Windows Servers" and dynamic group template.

Actualy all Windows servers are copied to new dynamic group "Windows Servers", but they still exist in old group "Windows Computers". I need to "move" them from group ""Windows coputers" completely to "Windows servers" . How can I do that?

Thank you.

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  • Administrators

Computers can appear in multiple groups if the conditions set for particular groups are met. Perhaps you could create 2 subgroups under "Windows computers", one named "Windows desktops" and adjust the rules accordingly.

As of ERA 6.5, these subgrups will be created automatically and you will be able to filter computers by type or product easily:



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  • ESET Staff

You can also play with the default "Windows computers" dynamic group template, to not show servers.

Just add condition, to "does not contain" "server".




server DG template.png

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