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nod32 AV blocking access to UNC path


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I'm on windows 10 Ent. (10.0.14393), eset nod32 antivirus 10.0.369.0, both fully updated.

I'm trying to reach open a UNC path, let's call it "\\server\d$",

and it's failing with "the specified network name is no longer available" Windows error.

If I select eset's Pause Protection first, it works and I get asked for username / password, which is the normal behaviour.

All references to similar issues I've found point to the firewall section of Smart Security, but I don't have smart security, I just have the antivirus version. 

I've tried disabling "Web Access Protection" entirely, and still nod32 is blocking access.


Can someone help?  :-)




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It was the freaking HIPS.  Changing mode from auto to smart allows the connection.  

This is the sort of problem I was trying to avoid when I switched from smart security to the simple antivirus version, several years ago.  Now apparently the "antivirus" version is becoming more intrusive too... 




spoke too soon.  the only thing certain is that pausing protection works 100% to allow connectivity.  I uninstalled nod32 for the time being.

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