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ESET installation error (dll required for this installation no found)

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I am trying to install new version of ESET Smart Security, and at the beginnig I got brellow error:


"There is a problem whit this Windows Installer package, A DLL is required for this install complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor"


I already try to reinstall MS Visual C and .Net packages with no luck.


Any help will be appreciated.






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Check in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Find Windows Installer in the list of services and report back if it is running, or stopped.


Did you reinstall .NET with no luck ? Or After reinstalling successfully you had no resolution?

Also did you use the .NET Uninstaller tool that cleans out everything back to 1.0 and reinstall step by step : 1.0, 2.0 ,3.0, 3.5, 4.0. etc in sequence ?


What did you use to reinstall runtimes ?


When its all said and done, reference the following Microsoft KB article for troubleshooting similar issues like you are experiencing :



This may help you, and it may not, so please continue to check back for responses from others as well as ESET personnel ! :)

Good luck.

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I too am having this problem with a new client. Does the Endpoint use .NET 3.5? Because that is the only .NET that isn't listed within Windows and when I try too Install it nothing happens.

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ESET's security products don't require .NET to be installed.

And that's yet another thing I like a lot :D  .NET is not something I like.  <_<

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  • ESET Insiders

Yesterday, we had similar case:

User with Windows 8 (not Windows 8.1!) tried to install ESET Smart Security (ESS) 7 from offline installer file (hxxp://download.eset.com/download/win/ess/ess_nt64_hrv.msi).

Every time he tried, install was interrupted and he only got message:
"There is problem with this installer package. A dll required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personell or package vendor".

It was fresh install of Win 8. There was no other AV, there was nothing left from earlier installations of ESS, every service was there (like BFE ), ...

We tried different approach - we downloaded ESET Online installer, and with this piece of software we managed to install ESS without glitch :-)



Maybe our experience could help somebody.

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Thanks Pod, yes i have heard from Marcos that using the Online installer / Live installer, is a little easier on the computer then the MSI package.

Thanks for adding that.

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