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Unresolved Threats

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Using the latest version of ERA, I have two computers that show Unresolved Threats Count of 2 on one PC and 392 on the other PC. However, when I click the red link in the Details screen, there is no data displayed in the Threats tab. See pictures for details. I've only attached pics of one of the computers. The other (with 392) behaves the same way.

What can I do to resolve these threats?




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Perhaps those threats would show up if you disabled all filters? According to the screen shot, you have a filter to show only new threats in the last week set.

In order to clean active threats automatically, run a full disk scan from the ERA console on the infected computer. I'd recommend running an on-demand scan task that will use the "In-depth scan" profile settings and set the cleaning level to "Strict cleaning" in order for potentially unwanted or unsafe applications to be cleaned automatically.

Then mark the threats as resolved manually.

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