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Activating MDM Appliance

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I have a licence for Endpoint Antivirus for my corporation and I have just completed the installation of the MDM Appliance on my VMWare environment. It is shown normally under my ERA but it needs activation. I have tried activating the appliance through the client task with no success.

Is there another way to activate this machine or is another license required for that?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, no, in general it should work without any problems.
Are you sure, that the appliance does have connection to edf.eset.com/edf?

If not, as a workaround, you can generate an offline license file using ESET License Administrator. Choose product, "ESET Mobile Device Connector" and enter the token that is displayed in your ESET Remote Administrator. Then enter this license file into ERA, and use it for activation. That should work OK. But the recommended approach, would be to troubleshoot online activation problems, as it should work without any issues. EEA license should have access to activate also Mobile Device Connector.

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