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Hello chrlshlmn


If you mean software in general, then I can just speak out of my own experience, and say no, I have not noticed any crucial.

But there are so many possible software configurations, so you will always find one that says, he has compatibility issues with Eset .What works for others, do not necessary work with your software profile. But if you take a look/search on this forum, then you won't find many post about compatibility issues with Eset, and this you can take as a good indication for that Eset in general is working fine with other software.If you are thinking about Eset with anotherAntivirus solution, then it is golden standard to never have 2 antivirus solutions running real time.That will always be asking for troubles. What have worked for me, is that I always configurated my systems in three steps. One solid antivirus solution running realtime, one image back up software, and one multi on demand scanner like Hitman pro. .You can put your favorite on demand scanners on a usb stick if you like. These three steps has always kept me out of troubles. And have ensured a minimum of software issues



Regards, Janus :-))

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in response to the original question, there is a "sticky" at the top of the forum that talks about problems when using ESET with "windows xp":




the title of the "sticky" mentions something about "USB-connected harddrives" but the content of the post discusses conflicts with various "drivers".. that is confusing.. is there a conflict with using USB flash drives, a conflict with various drivers, or both?


i have heard people say that ESET is not compatible with windows xp.. i suppose it is because of the issues mentioned in the "sticky" since everyone uses "USB-connected harddrives" ie USB flash drives and everyone uses "MBAM"..


i will say that ESET is the only windows-program that i have ever heard of that is not compatible with "windows xp".. even it there had been a problem with using ESET with "windows xp", i would have thought that ESET would have fixed the problem..


i was considering using ESET but if it is not compatible with "windows xp", i guess i can't use it..

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ESET has always been fully compatible with Windows XP. Regarding the software causing incompatibility issues, it was confirmed by programmers that the problem doesn't lie in ESET products but in the problematic 3rd party drivers.

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