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Can I check what Eset product I have and when it will expire?

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I was given Eset as a BD gift on October 3, 2016 with a new computer. I want to add the protection to another computer I have. Does my license allow me to do this?

I also want to know why my Eset keeps telling me my software will expire in January or 2017, when it was purchased late in September 2016?

Did Micro Center Houston sell my son an old disk of Eset for full price, saying nothing about it being good only until the end of the year?



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Hi marconi

I can help you out with the questions in the title of your post.

The easiest way to determine your Eset product and when it will expire is located on the Home screen of your Eset product. You can open this screen by left clicking the Eset Icon in your system tray area . See screen capture below.

You can add additional computers for an additional fee. I have a two system license and it is by far less expensive then a seperate individual license for each machine. I have no idea what the new costs may be for the latest version 10.x

As to your concerns regarding the purchase date and expiration date would be better addressed by someone in the Eset organization such as a moderator or staff member.




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If you can give ESET's office a call at +1 (866) 343-3738 during business hours, a customer service rep should be able to give you information on the license's history.


Aryeh Goretsky

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Thanks to both SCR and Aryeh.

I will check with the office number above for the details for my license. I've tried calling some # twice already...but I just got as far as waiting and listening to the usual message repeated, over and over, so I hung up.

I used Eset in the past, but at the end of that 2nd period I had trouble with the renewal, don't recall the details, but I changed to AVG and IMO that was a big mistake. Then I got Bitdefender and I found that product very controlling. BD did find a virus left by AVG' PC Tune, however their software could do nothing about it. A service call emailed me some NASA type instructions and said to fix the problem myself.

When I put Eset of this same computer with the virus stlll there...Eset did not find it at all so I'm left with the feeling of wonder...did I do the right thing choosing Eset?

Thanks to you gentlemen for listening to my tale of woes.

Happy New Year,





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You should probably make the call on Monday. I'm not sure of your location nor the location of the call center at the other end of the phone number but it is a weekend and New Years eve as well so I would imagine that the staffing is some what low at the moment.


A service call emailed me some NASA type instructions and said to fix the problem myself.

That's pretty sad and funny all at the same time.

The possibility exists that the virus identified by the other software could have been a false positive and not really a virus at all. I can't say much for either of the previous products you used other then to say I tried them and promptly removed them by restoring my system from an image I made prior to the install.

I'm hoping that the New Year will bring a satisfactory resolution to your issues,

Have a safe New Years Eve and Healthy New Year.

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