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Version 10.0.386.0 appears to have been released

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A program I use to check if any of my programs are out of date reported Eset was out of date a few days ago. I couldn't seen a mention of this on the site or forums and Eset itself (Internet Security) couldn't find an update. I was able to find on another site the changelog and when I downloaded from the official Eset site, it updated my Internet Security to the latest version. I presume this is being rolled out slowly in stages or something along those lines? For those interested this is the apparent changelog:

* Adds support for Chrome v53-56 (x32/x64) in Banking & Payment Protection
* Fixes rare activation bug when user upgrades from previous version and activation ends in endless loop
* Improves installation on Windows 8, 8.1
* Updates strings for Updater and Scheduler
* Fixes several minor bugs

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