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I am running Eset Endpoint Antivirus (for Business) in my network. Some have version 4 and others version 5

The issue is that Eset sometimes flags email attachments as suspicious and deletes them, replacing them with a txt file.
In many cases it is a false positive as we often receive excel files from our customers which contain macros which we fully trust

My question:

  1. Can I somehow tell Eset to trust certain senders so that it should leave these files alone?
  2. Can I restore the attachment which has been removed by Eset? 
  3. Is there any way of receiving these files as an email attachment without removing Eset or rendering it disfunctional?
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ESET does not flag innocuous files nor replaces the attachment with a text log file except products for mail servers when custom rules (e.g. by file extension) are created by an administrator. Do you use ESET for MS Exchange Server on the mail server? What notice does the log file contain?

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We don't have our own mail server. Our mail is hosted by a 3rd party provider.
I will check whether the attachment might have been removed on the server level and post back

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