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New heuristic [pattern] detected, which virus is this?

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I had this weird trojan, originally started from a js file, and, I have not quite managed to remove all the bad files.  Now that 25th December 2017 is today finally my DVD drive eject is working, it was blocked, I wonder which virus blocks the opening and closing of my DVD drive, I thought this was a hardware problem initially, however, the infection came after the problem was observed where .js files messed up some of my files and corrupted them.

I think I deleted the files that were converted to .html, basically the script changed the format, I cleaned out some of them.  Now a side effect is that I insert my USB stick and the computer is creating a shorcut to C:\Windows\system32\rundll32, and I wonder if this is the system file or another rabbit hole created by the virus.


Originally the virus was found in a spam folder, when I was reading Yahoo Mail! [www.yahoo.it].  The RAR file can be opened with the application WinRAR available at www.rarlabs.com.



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Basically my computer is blocking either the DVD writer or the USB external drive, what are the roots of this legacy OS, is it the OS that is infected?

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This sounds like it might be a USB autorun worm of some kind that is modifying HTML and JS files on your system in order to include a link to a network-based copy of itself.  If your copy of ESET's software didn't detect it, you may wish to send some copy of the infected file, as well as a few modified files to the virus per the instructions in ESET Knowledgebase Article #141, "How to submit a virus, website or potential false positive sample to ESET's lab."


Aryeh Goretsky

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