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NUP2C9F.msi required for installation

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When I want to install ESET Smart Security on a Windows 10 computer, I get a window asking for NUP2C9F.msi


Then I get another message, regarding my previous installation could not be removed completely.


Error Eset.png

Error 2.png

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This can occur if you run third-party programs which offer to clean up the system, optimize it, remove un-needed files, etc.  As it turns out, they can break things by removing files your system needs, like uninstaller for the older version of ESET Smart Security that was on your system.

You can run the ESET Uninstall Tool to manually remove the old version of ESET Smart Security.  When it is finished, go ahead and reboot and install the current version.  The tool and instructions can be downloaded from http://support.eset.com/kb2289/?locale=en_US.


Aryeh Goretsky


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